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Pxsquad, a direct branch of Ragebite, started its work on ThemeForest back in 2016 with a goal to provide premium quality and creative WordPress themes for Web3, Esports, and Gaming.

From a group of close friends to a team filled with experts. The team at its core is young, passionate about the work done, and quite versatile in the respective professional fields.

Pxsquad aims to continue delivering a satisfying experience to customers and to provide premium quality WordPress themes.

Core beliefs

‘“What I really find compelling is that the work pxsquad does really stimulates passion in both my coworkers and the clients.’’
Nenad Popadic
Product Designer

Before we start any project, our craft lies in securing as much data as we can to provide a healthy result stream.


There will be situations where we don’t see eye to eye and we’re always going to be open about our thoughts.

Vision for the future

By having an ultimate goal that we fight for every day, we’re able to constantly stay motivated and energetic.

Extrodinary passion

To have a deep passion like our studio has for Web3, Esports and Gaming industries is really the most important thing.

Our venture so far

We’ve come a long way and are proud of hitting these milestones as a team.

First theme Hype released 2016
Bolt, Huge and Clash released 2017
First 1000 sales achieved in 2017
Author level 7 ThemeForest 2019
Published author and theme 2020
Elite Envato author status 2020
Envato Trendsetter
Envato Top 8% Author

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