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Theme description

PixieFreak is the ultimate solution for Esports teams, tournament organizers, and all gaming enthusiasts. The theme is designed to provide multiple options, to allow a wide range of different capabilities. You can use the theme to set up your Esports team website, gaming clan, news portal, or to host a tournament. If you’re dedicated and really into Esports, you’re free to use all of these options at once.

The structure of the theme provides you with maximum flexibility. With PixieFreak you can easily hide, show or reorder sections. You can change the style, colors and many other things. The most important thing is that you don’t need any developer skills, everything can be done through the simple PixiePanel which comes with the theme itself.

A list of matches, teams, player profiles, tournaments, sponsors, and streams is one of the multiple options which are included in the theme to make your job easier and more practical. Each page is done through a modular design, so changing the layout and content on the page is not hard at all. Speaking of design trends, it’s up to date on the latest ones. Not just that, it is responsive for all devices, so by accessing the amazing website you have set up through an iPad or iPhone you have ensured quality on both devices!


PixieFreak allows you to create a powerful website for an Esports tournaments, teams or organization. Why do one, when you can do it all with this premium WordPress theme.

  • Unlimited teams for various games
  • Promote sponsors and teams
  • Share your live streams
  • Create tournaments
  • Fully color customizable
  • One-click to install a premade demo

Besides having a super awesome theme that’s easy to use, we have video tutorials, and documentation. In our documentation, you can find each option, title, and image covered and explained with screenshots so you can have a clear image in your head of what the word is about. If you have any questions at all you’re in good hands, we take care of our users and make sure that they receive the support they deserve.

About the theme

PixieFreak is the ultimate solution for Esports teams, tournament organizers, and all gaming enthusiasts.

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Last update

May 2022

Plugin support

bbPress, WooCommerce, Loco translate

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